Sunday, July 11, 2010

100705 Singapore - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our 1955hrs flight was retimed for 2055hrs, and Leah was so late that she only made it to the check-in booth until 30mins before the flight! We are so lucky that the Jetstar booth stayed open and waited when I told them that she was coming, although they were slightly impatient and were skeptical that Leah was even a real human being.

In the end, we made the flight, and got to Phnom Penh (PP) at about 1030hrs.

Emy is tired - just came back from Malaysia the day before.

Leah is high and excited about going to Cambodia!

The PP airport was clean and well-maintained. It was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a non-A/Ced tarmac greeting like in Densapar airport in Bali, Indonesia. Much more surprising was that the first cafe/food outlet we saw was Dairy Queen - something we would have never thought to find in Cambodia!

After much haggling with the taxi driver,we took a taxi for US$9 to our guesthouse (Capitol Guesthouse). In 15mins, we arrived at Capitol Guesthouse and checked into our room. We picked a room with no A/C (just fan), no hot shower and a TV (no cable) for US$7 a night. The room looks clean, but the first thing we saw was a cockroach on one of the beds, and after a few minutes with the lights turned on, other bugs came and joined us. It was filthy! Not recommended!

Our US$7 a night room at Capitol Guesthouse

After dropping our stuff in the room, we went out to get dinner! Just down the road from where we were, there was a night market selling food. Just like tuk-tuk drivers, hawkers also love touting for business. We were lucky, and an English-speaking girl 'saved' us from the male hawkers who went running to us shouting "Lady! Lady! Food? Lady! Lady!"

The night market

We had fruit shakes (3000R/US$0.75), fried noodles with vegetables(3500R/US$0.87) and fried rice with beef (5000R/US$1.25). They were good! The shakes definitely had some durian and jackfruit in it, which made us happy. We love durian!

Awesome fruit shakes! These were the best fruit shakes we had the entire trip!

Leah and her fried noodles!

Emy and her fried rice!

After dinner, we got back to our guesthouse, and was shocked to find the cockroach still there, and the same flying bugs and long bugs (don't know what they are) creeping around the bed and our stuff. That night, Leah and I shared the bed that was further away from the light. Thank goodness it was our only night in Phnom Penh before heading to Siem Reap the next day.

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