Sunday, July 11, 2010

100707 Siem Reap, Cambodia Pt5

When we were done with Bantaey Kdei and Prasat Kravan, it was only 4pm and about an hour and a half away from sunset. Preferring not to bum around at Angkor, we decided to go back to the tourist temple (hotel/guesthouse) for some rest (at this point, we were out climbing temples for 11hours already).

A shower and a nap later, we were all ready to go again! First stop: Fruit shakes and fried mama noodles (or as I call it, maggi goreng - malay for fried maggi noodles). There was a whole row of makeshift food stalls at the street next to ours. Again, the locals flock to you when they see you coming.

mixed fruit shake (US$0.60)

Fried Mama noodles with shrimp (US$1)

After our evening snack, we decided to walk around Siem Reap and attempt to find the less Disneyland-ish part of town. The number restaurants, cafes, massage parlors, guesthouses, internet cafes and tour agencies within the five-block radius is unbelievable. This is what we found - a lovely sunset!

Sunset in Phnom Penh

After walking around, we decided to head to dinner. We were told that The Temple Balcony, a restaurant and bar on Pub Street, had nightly traditional dances, hence we headed there for dinner. Leah had Khmer curry (US$3.25) while I had beef kebobs (US$3).

Leah and her Khmer curry

Emy and beef kebobs!

At the temple balcony, we caught the entire show of traditional dances. The first dance was the Khmer blessing dance. We felt it was very similar to the Balinese welcome dance (I took Balinese dancing classes when I was in Bali in 2008) with similar hand positions and the gesture of throwing flowers as the audience.

Khmer Blessing Dance from Emily Koh on Vimeo.

Khmer Coconut Dance from Emily Koh on Vimeo.

Khmer apsara dance

More apsara dancers

After a night at Temple Balcony, we decided to head next door for fish massage. Here, you sit with your feet in a pool of fishes. The fishes eat up the dead skin on your legs. It is incredibly ticklish and it took me a good 15mins or so before I settle down and managed to put both feet into the water. 30mins later, I had clean smooth feet. US$3 well spent! :)

Fish massage!

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