Monday, June 13, 2011

110615 Day 0: Singapore 2011 - with Jason!

It's a 18 hour countdown to our 30 hour transition from Somerville to Boston to NYC to Shanghai to Singapore is over, because that's when the adventure starts! At this time every year, I always wish for someone to invent a teleportation device so that I can get from anywhere to Singapore in an instant, but I guess we'll still have to wait that one out!

We are landing in Singapore at 5am, and I'm sure our welcome party will be there to welcome us. Assuming we are jetlagged then, and wouldn't be able to sleep, the first thing I want to get for breakfast is fried black carrot cake and soy milk. Mmmmm... Singaporean breakfasts!

I would love to elaborate about Singaporean breakfasts, meals and food culture, or just simply what fried carrot cake is, but I think the fried carrot cake mystery just needs to sit around and build up more suspense before we continue...

Clue: No, it is not a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that is deep friend in oil. That's gross!