Friday, August 12, 2011

110616 Day 1: Recap

Because we arrived in Singapore at 5am, we ended up having a very long first day full of many wondrous things. Upon reaching the flat, we had a breakfast appetizer of rice dumpling and soy milk. It was a delicious introduction to Singaporean cuisine, and a yummy start to the day! The rest of the day's meals are detailed in Emy's post, because I can't remember what everything was, and probably wouldn't know how to spell it if I did.

After the breakfast proper, Emy and I went walking around the Bedok neighborhood, particularly the Bedok Town Centre -- a strip-mall type place with many small specialty and general shops, as well as several large supermarkets. The supermarkets were fairly similar to H-mart in the US, but even more extensive in selection, and of course in things such as local fruits and vegetables. We wandered around for a while, seeing the sights and smelling the ...smells, and I remarked that I was getting a decent amount of stares from some folks. Emy explained that while Ang Moh (red-haired (white people)) are commonplace in SG, we are not usually in this area of town. They're not stares of disdain or anything, don't worry, I'm just different.

We returned home for lunch and it was decided that I looked like I was about to topple over from exhaustion, so I was instructed to take a 30min nap. Emy also went off to take a nap for a half hour. Emy came into my room 5 hours later to wake me up for dinner...guess we're not going swimming today. We followed dinner with supper a few blocks away with Cheryl and Boon (Peabody folks), and finally, sleep. We went to bed at around 1-1:30, and I woke up at 3-3:30 for the next day. I'm still operating on those 2 hours of sleep, so we'll see if I'm able to put up today's activities anytime soon...

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