Friday, August 12, 2011

110616 Day 1: Singapore Breakfast

Fried Carrot Cake

Yay! Back in Singapore with my favorite breakfast ever - fried carrot cake and soy milk! Yes, here in this part of the world, breakfast could be anything because there is no differentiation between breakfast food and dinner food.
In Singapore, fried carrot cake is one of my favorite foods. It is made out of radish (which the Chinese call white carrot) and flour, steamed into a savory cake. The cake is later cut into smaller pieces, fried with garlic, egg and sweet soy sauce, and tadah! - one of the most wonderful dishes in the world, yet so simple. 

Fried carrot cake can be so mind boggling for westerners. A few years ago, a group of friends and I brought Greg (our humanities professor at NUS) his wife and 4 kids to Blk 85 food center (more about this later) to eat carrot cake. He thought it was the western styled carrot cake, and was really shocked when we brought the food to the table. :)

Here we are, first breakfast in Singapore, at the food center near my place. The food center near my place is famous for a lot of foods, and we're blessed with good food everywhere.

Got the carrot cake, soy milk, herbal jelly, with my grandma

With more food - roti prata, with my mom and Jason

Jason's starting to dress like Singaporeans now. My mom got him FBT shirts (the kind my brothers all love, but I never really understood), and apparently they ventilate alot better, so its not as hot, but still pretty hot. And look at that swanky new watch there... and other stuff that's not in the picture *haha* Presents galore!

Total breakfast kill: roti prata (Indian pancake), fried carrot cake, prawn noodles, you tiao (dough fritters), soy milk and herbal jelly.

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