Friday, August 12, 2011

110617 Day 2: Recap

Breakfast kill: Big bao (bun), soy milk tart, pineapple tart, tau huay (soy milk pudding), soy milk

After breakfast, we went to the Bedok Swimming Complex for a swim! Swam and played in the water for about 3 hours, and got very wrinkly. Thank goodness the sun is out, and it was just a very nice day. I wish there were public pools in the US. I'd be more than happy to pay $1 for entrance to a pool, rather than a fancy gym membership where I know I'll only be using the pool :(

Anyhow, we went back home after swimming, took a bath and waited for my dad to come home from work to pick us up to go out for lunch. We went to lunch at Singapore's #1 chicken rice restaurant Tian Tian Chicken Rice.

Lunch kill: Tian Tian Chicken Rice, five spice meat balls, stir-fried bean sprouts

one whole chicken

Best steamed chicken ever! The chicken meat is so tender and the skin just melts in your mouth. The picture just doesn't do it justice at all. :) To the back left is five spice meat balls, and to the right is bean sprouts with salted fish. Salted fish is basically fish, salted and dried in the sun. Its hard to imagine, but it adds another depth to a simple bean sprouts dish.

chicken rice (jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock) and chicken soup

Such a simple dish, just chicken and rice, and its the most delicious thing ever! :) I could eat it every day~

After lunch, we headed to the fruit stand and got longans and rambutans. I think the closest thing I can think of that resembles it is a cherry because its a fruit with one seed in it, other than that, the flavors, textures and everything are completely different. 

fruits: rambutans and longans

After fruits, we went to my friend, Tingyu's house to play Citadels. She just got back from Vietnam and had all these delicious Vietnamese dried fruit snacks - dried banana, dried jackfruit and dried apples. Dried fruit is delicious because the flavors become so concentrated after the water is gone. Also, although it is not fried, it tastes like potato chips, except with the fruity flavors.

For dinner, we went to my maternal grandparents place. My maternal grandmother cooks the best prawn noodles I've ever tasted. Prawn noodles are just noodles (any kind of noodles, but we usually have yellow noodles, flat rice noodles and vermicelli) in stock that is cooked with prawns, pork bones, mushrooms, ginger, onion, garlic etc. for about a day over a charcoal stove, and is served with prawns, chicken or pork, kangkong vegetables and mushrooms. It sounds easy, but my mom made my grandmother's recipe before, and it tasted nothing like it. My grandmother makes the best prawn noodles ever.

Jas and his first mini-bowl of noodles (multiple bowls cuz he wants to try all the different noodles)

Grandma's prawn noodles - Yes, he tried prawns and likes it! (And had more)

This time, my grandmother also made cheesecake with strawberries and mango pudding for dessert. :)

Dinner kill: Grandma's famous prawn noodle, cheesecake, mango pudding

After dinner, all the cousins and girlfriends played Saboteur, a card game. It was fun! Then, my uncle took us on a lorry ride around the red light district of Singapore, and we got to take a look at how Geylang functioned at night. We seldom go there at night because there isn't a reason to be there at night, but we happened to pass by because we were on our way to get durians! Anyway, it was an interesting look at the red light district and rows and rows of brothels, prostitutes and pimps on the streets. :)

We went to the fruit stand (Geylang is also very famous for food and fruit stands) to get durians. Surprisingly, Jason did okay with the smell, which he described as a mix between fruit and trash. To me, durians smell delicious, albeit very very strong. Anyhow, we picked up some Mao Shan Wang durians (which are the top of the line durians going at $25 a kilogram). We got five durians and a discout ($21/kg), making the total kill for 5 durians at $230!! Oh my god! That's some pretty expensive fruit.

6 stars! *haha* I don't know how the star system works, but it seems 6 is better than 1!

that's how you eat durians - on the floor, because its so poky that it might ruin the tables


Durians, like anything else, comes in all grades. We could get a durian for 50c, $1, 3 for $10, 3 for $20, but the better ones usually are weighed and charged accordingly. At home, we usually get the 3 for $10/$20, but my uncle loves getting good food, and he's usually the one who splurges on food and produce in the family. Also, he figured that if Jason's going to try durian, he should try the best first, and work his tastebuds down from there.

Supper kill: Durian

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