Friday, August 12, 2011

110620 Day 5: Recap

We had breakfast #1 at home (fried carrot cake), before my aunt and uncle picked us up and took us to Chinatown for breakfast #2.

homemade char kuay

fresh mango - Jason likes fresh mango... surprise, surprise!

In Chinatown, we had 4 trays of xiao long bao, a total of 40 xiao long baos, as well as a tray of guo tie (potstickers), yam cake, chee cheong fun and chwee kueh - a crazy amount of food for just 4 people.

xiao long bao - Jas likes it very much!

guo tie

us at breakfast

After breakfast #2, we visited one of the most lavish Buddhist temples in the world, that has its own carpark, food court, museum, and yet is still a functioning Buddhist temple - the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

joss sticks

monks chanting blessings

monks chanting prayers

roof garden of the temple

in front of the bell tower at the roof garden

view from the top of the temple: uniquely singaporean - shophouses and skyscrapers

in the museum

entering the buddha relics exhibition

Later, we went to Sri Mariamman temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore for a visit.

Hindus receiving blessings

stupa of the temple

on the roof

Hindu priests

Then, we met my friend Peiying, who I went to school with, and is now a doctoral fellow at Cornell, for lunch at Yum Cha, a famous tim sum restaurant in Chinatown. Of course, meal = eat a whole bunch.

char siew sou - honey bbq pork in pastry

wu kok - yam balls

shrimp fritters

vegetable spring rolls

braised meat wrapped in tofu skin

shrimp rice roll

siew mai

guo tie

We ate alot, but later walked alot, from Chinatown to Clarke Quay, and then from Clarke Quay back to Chinatown, and then to another MRT statgion to get home. Clarke Quay is the most happening spot on the island, being a large collection of bars, clubs and restaurants, that only start their business in the evening. It is also by the Singapore River.

with Peiying at Clarke Quay

clarke quay

MICA building

the main clubbing/party area in clarke quay - nothing open in the day!

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