Friday, August 12, 2011

110621 Day 6: Orchard Road

Met up with Cheryl and Peiying for lunch at Itacho, a Japanese restaurant. Highlight: Jason tried salmon sashimi!



green tea

Jas' tonkatsu-don

Since Itacho was in Plaza Singapura, a mall at the edge of the famous shopping street of Orchard Road, we decided to walk from Plaza Singapura all the way up Orchard Road.

orchard road...

so cute!

Orchard Road was definitely not our style at all. Firstly, it was only shopping, and there was nothing to do, other than window-shop. Secondly, the price-range for shopping at Orchard Road was just not in our budget at all. Flagship stores for Prada, Chanel, LV, Rolex etc. were all on the same strip, and these are stores we wouldn't even dare step into, much less browse. Thirdly, there are at least a dozen shopping malls on Orchard Road, each about four to twelve storeys high, and most of them selling the same stuff with the same brands.

Its amazing how different Orchard Road has become. About four (huge!) new malls have opened its doors in the last two years, and the older malls have also had a facelift to keep up with the modern and trendy exteriors of the new malls.

Here are some new malls...

This is Ion@Orchard. It is 7 storeys up, and 4 storeys down. We were going up floor by floor and Jason asked if we were near the top floor, and I said "no, we're one floor away from being on ground level." Hah! Also, the 4 basement floors were all food, yes, four floors of food. The above ground floors were mostly really expensive and designer shopping. That's where the LV, Prada, Boss, Armani, Ferragamo etc are, and the brands just get more and more luxurious as you go up the floors.

This is Orchard Central, a new mall that we have yet to explore, but heard that the food in there is not bad. Home of the first Coldstone Creamery in Singapore, and possibly many other international brands too. Desigual maybe?

This is 313@Somerset, another one of those malls that opened in the last 2 years that I haven't explored, and personally, don't really care to know what's inside because theres just way too many malls on Orchard Road and I'll just stick to the ones I know.

Fun food - Orchard!

Japanese Fish

japanese sushi

Japanese veggie sushi

Rice burgers!

So, walking around Orchard Road for about 7 hours, we covered maybe half the malls. And these malls we covered, we probably only walked and browsed on a floor or two before moving on the to the next mall. The nice thing about Orchard Road is that everything is connected underground, and not only by passageways, but by more  malls underground. So, Orchard Road is 4km and has malls on two sides of the road. That is 8km of above ground shopping, excluding the upper floors. We have underground malls too, which doubles that 8km of shopping into 16km of shopping. This is just considering that we have one floor of above ground shopping and a floor of underground shopping, and it's already a lot of ground to cover for shopping. In addition to Orchard Road, there are branch roads off Orchard that are filled with more shopping too. I finally understand why people say Orchard Road is a shoppers paradise. There's just too much things you can buy, if you have the means to do so.

For dinner, we had Crystal Jade (a cantonese restaurant) with Yushan, my friend from highschool. It was fun, and Jason finally got to try cantonese roast duck! :)

beef brisket noodles

roast duck noodle

tofu and mushrooms

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