Friday, August 12, 2011

110622 Day 7: Night Safari

Went out in the morning to make my glasses at Buona Vista. I was initially thinking of making a pair with transitions lenses but backed out (again) because of the cost (it costs almost twice as much). The good thing is, my eyesight has improved slightly. However, my astigmatism has got a little worse.

Anyhow, after that, we got lunch at the nearby hawker center. Here's what we got...

braised duck rice

beef and fish horfun (flat rice noodles)

char kuay teow

After lunch, we took the train to the far far west, Boon Lay, and visited Jurong Point, another shopping mall. We walked around a little, bought nothing, then stopped for dessert. 

yin yang (black sesame and almond paste)

mango wrapped in glutinous rice

mango ice

cendol (coconut ice)

After that, we took the train all the way back to the east, and rested at home for a little bit before heading out again. My grandmother made claypot rice for dinner and vermicelli soup!

claypot rice

vermicelli soup


After dinner, we headed to the Night Safari - the world's first night zoo. The Night Safari is one of three animal parks in Singapore, the other two being the Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park.

at the entrance of the Night Safari


We (with my mom and brother, Lenny) walked all four walking trails, and also did the tram ride. We saw tons of night animals, and some of them were uncaged and walking around, just like in a real safari. Unfortunately, it was really dark (to keep in line with the animal's natural night habitats), and photos were really difficult to take, even with an SLR camera. 

barking deer


another stork-like thing

zebras, giraffes and mountain goats


at the Creatures of the Night Show

amphitheatre where the show was held

people at the show

they pulled a big snake out of the audiences' seats

animals that knew how to recycle

After the show, we continued walking on the trails, and eventually took the very last tram out of the Night Safari!

Z'bar, a Zebra-themed restaurant

suits Jas perfectly

view of the Seletar reservoir from the Night Safari

After leaving the Night Safari at midnight, we drove to get supper! Lenny brought us to a bak kut teh (ribs and tea soup) place and we got bak kut teh and Thai chicken. :)

thai chicken

bak kut teh

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