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110623 Day 8: Marina Bay Sands/Singapore Flyer

We're just past one week, and starting to see some duplicates in food. For one, we had dim sum again, but at a different restaurant. We went to Red Star Restaurant with my mom, aunt, grandfather, brother Lenny and cousins Kelionel and Shawn. Red Star is a really old restaurant, and my grandfather still remembers people who got married there, and are now already grandparents. *yikes*

 Anyway, Red Star, apart from being old, is also very traditional. Instead of ordering food like in Yum Cha, Red Star has food in carts, and these carts go from table to table. If you like something, you tell the person to stop and they'll give it to you. :) I really like this more traditional dim sum style as opposed to ordering because I like to see my food before getting it. If it looks good, you can bet half your life that it would taste good too.

char siew bao

pei dan chok (century egg porridge)

char siew chee cheong fun (honey bbq pork rice rolls)

ho yip fun (lotus leaf rice)

fried wontons

char siew sou (honey bbq pork in pastry)

egg tarts

char siew and roasted pork

cantonese roast duck

siew mai

braised pork ribs

feng zai (braised chicken feet)

har gao (prawn dumplings)

herbal jelly

almond jelly

mango pudding

the pushcarts!

grandpa, us and lenny

the restaurant

After lunch at Red Star, we all cabbed to Marina Square. Marina Square is another mall, and we walked from Marina Square to the Esplanade, Singapore's main arts and performance center. The Esplanade looks like the eyes of a fly from above, but due to its spiky outer appearance, Singaporeans fondly call it 'Durian'. At the Esplanade, we have a concert hall, theatre, recital studio, theater studio, outdoor theater and a performance concourse. We also have shops, restaurants, exhibition space and a performance arts library (with screening rooms and practice rooms) in the same building too.

outside Marina Square

on the roof of the Esplanade

at the esplanade boardwalk with the Marina Bay Sands in the background

After giving everyone a brief tour of the Esplanade (I spend alot of time there with rehearsals, performances and other stuff), we headed to the Singapore Flyer, currently the world's largest ferris wheel, even larger than the Nanjing Star and the London Eye. There, we stopped for a snack at Popeyes. Snacks in my family actually mean something like a full meal with fried chicken, biscuits, onion rings, mashed potatoes and drinks. I love Popeyes so much, and am kinda bummed that there's only one Popeyes in Boston and the Greater Boston area, instead of like everywhere in Baltimore. Popeyes - the way fried chicken should be done!

everyone at Popeyes!

We walked around the Singapore Flyer a little and came across a food center that is modeled to look like Singapore in the 1960s. Trip back to the past for my mom and grandpa, but to us kids, it was an interesting sight!

at the 1960s-styled food center


street food... on the streets!

After walking around, we headed up for our ride on the Singapore Flyer. When Singapore was building the Singapore Flyer, I was in London looking at the London Eye, and wondering why people paid so much money (I think it might have been 20 pounds) to ride on a ferris wheel. I also thought the exact same thing in Prater in Vienna, home of the world's largest wooden ferris wheels and one of the oldest ferris wheels (it was made in the 19th century!) I only understood the charm of ferris wheels after this trip on the Singapore Flyer.

While everyone knows that the Singapore Flyer is Singapore's great ripoff of the London Eye, not everyone knows that we probably ripped it so completely that we even have the champagne trip, where one has champagne in the bar while in the car, cars that can be rented for private wedding parties etc, and even cars where you can have a candlelight dinner in. Whoot!? Completely ripped off the London Eye!!

before heading in...

at the 'lead-up' to the ride...

Anyway, like I said, I now know the charm of ferris wheels. The view from up there is just breathtaking!! We could see how built-up Singapore was to the north, and see some Indonesian islands to the south. Great views, but I probably won't spend $30 to ride that thing again, since $30 can go a long way in terms of getting food in Singapore. All in all, everyone loved the flyer, and it was worth it for that one time. :)

a nice pic of us in the capsule

a nice pic of my mom

Alfred and grandpa, being silly

another nice pic of us...

view of the central biz district and the Marina Bay Sands from the top


my goofball...

i like this pic

more of the central biz district...

After the flyer, we walked across Helix Bridge to Singapore's newest and most luxurious attraction - the Marina Bay Sands resort (and here I thought that Ion@Orchard - the mall that has 4 floors of basements and 7 floors above ground - was the epitome with its flagship 2 storey Prada store). The Marina Bay Sands has a Chanel store that is 3 storeys high, and is HUGE, not like I care about Chanel or any other brands.

on the helix bridge

us at the helix bridge

grandpa, mom, aunt and cousins!

Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands

everyone waiting for us outside the Art Science Museum (we were busy taking pics)

marina bay sands and the boardwalk

trees on the boardwalk

night view of the central biz district from Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk

more boardwalk with the night city backdrop

Marina Bay Sands

inside Marina Bay Sands (ripped off the Venetian in Vegas)

inside MBS

inside MBS

inside of the 3 MBS hotels

The Marina Bay Sands resort has 3 hotel towers (the boat hotel, Jas calls it) and sprawling shopping space. It's not built up like much of Singapore, but it is built wide. The in-house show at the moment is the Lion King, and theres a huge casino, ultra luxurious shops we never will have the guts to walk into, and an exhibition center. Also, it has the most ridiculous boardwalk I've ever been to, and I have been to many boardwalks in my life. Everything is just huge, modern and ultra luxurious. I have no idea how else to describe it, but my one question is... WHERE DID WE GET THAT MUCH SPACE IN THIS COUNTRY!?

As it costs $100 for locals to visit the casino, Jas went to the casino alone to 'check it out'. He took a good 20min in there, and reported back to us (who can't go in) that there are easily a thousand jackpot machines in there - cool!

We went to Marina Square for dinner. Dinner at Marina Bay Sands are only for people who can throw down at least $200 a head, or someone who just made it big in the casino. *haha* :)

Jas' indonesian BBQ

Japanese sukiyaki

jas took this night shot of the Singapore Flyer

Really fun night! I'm completely in awe about how much the little island has changed. It's amazing! And, I'm glad my 77 yr old grandfather managed to walk with us in the heat for more than 7 hours, and covering as much ground as we did. :) I guess bodybuilding did do him good!

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