Friday, August 12, 2011

110624 Day 9: Sentosa

Early in the morning, we had breakfast at home, the first ang moh type breakfast in a while - toast! :) After breakfast, we bummed around a little and headed to Chinatown for frog porridge. Frog, yes, frog! Its my grandpa's favorite food, but unfortunately he was too tired from walking about yesterday to join us. Other than frog, which is cooked in a claypot, and porridge, we also had raw fish (that is similar to crudo, as it is marinated in lime, soy sauce, sesame oil and fried onions) and tofu - yum yum yum.


raw fish!


dough fritters

frog in a claypot

us at lunch!

After lunch, we went to Jas' favorite food (so far) - xiao long bao at the food center next door. I had 3, he ate like 8 or 9. It is so delicious! I have to try to make it when we get back. It's going to be a challenge because the dumplings are steamed such that they each have a mouthful of stock wrapped in the dumpling, and hence the skin cannot burst or the stock will be all gone.

After lunch #2, we took the MRT (Singapore's subway) to Vivo City (another mall), and from there, we took a monorail to Sentosa!

First stop at Sentosa, we went to see the largest wind tunnel in Asia for sky diving. Seems fun, but doesn't seem like I'll 'float' in it either. The instructor could stand upright the entire time too. Anyway, no pictures because it wasn't allowed.

Sentosa island has 3 beaches, and we started at Siloso beach, to the southwest of the island. The last I remembered, the beaches were just beaches, with nothing on it. Now, there were shops, restaurants and bars everywhere. One bar we passed even had it's own pool and beds! *yikes* What happened to the beach?

at the beach

I like the colors in this one

from the fish from Songs of the Sea

The other beach we went to, Tanjong beach, was less built up. It did though, have a large wooden bridge that we could walk to to another island, which is also the southern most point of continental asia. *cool* :)

crossing the bridge...

aunt, mom, cousin and jas

After some time at the beach, we left to view other stuff on the island. One of the most famous attractions in Sentosa, is a huge Merlion. A merlion is a hybrid animal with the head of a lion and the tail of a fish. This animal is a Singapore icon, because the first animal spotted by Sang Nila Utamah (person who found Singapore) on Singapore is the lion, and Singapore throughout its history, had always been a fishing port.

with mom

Emy is also a merlion

with my fav chocolate!

with more chocolates!

breaktime! Jas tries some Flosss from BreadTalk - yummy!

Next up, we walked to the newly opened 2nd resort in Singapore - Resort World. Resort World is built right next to Universal Studios Singapore, and is built by Genting. Hence, it looks really looks like Genting in Malaysia, but without the cool and crisp mountain air, and with the same order and cleanliness of Singapore. It's a nice resort, but is not nearly quite as upscale as Marina Bay Sands. We walked around there a little, and walked the entire boardwalk back to Vivo City (no, its not far).

at a fountain... 

on the boardwalk, walking back to Singapore

We had Thai Express for dinner at Vivo City. The five of us (my mom, my aunt, my cousin and us two) had eight servings of food (definitely over-ordered the food there), an miraculously survived dinner without an exploded stomach! :)

prawn cakes

honey lime chicken

mango salad

olive rice

green curry

pad thai

prawn toast

tapioca dessert


Sentosa is fun, and it was a little strange to see how commercialized and built up the island is now, but I guess some changes are for the better. I'm also looking forward to the new aquarium that's going to be on the island. I hear there will be a whale! :)

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