Friday, August 12, 2011

110625 Day 10: Bugis

We had breakfast at home, before heading out. My grandma made dumplings, and we ate a whole bunch of other stuff like mango dessert and black glutinous rice soup too.


char siew bao

pitsop at Barook Bakery - great raisin and cream cheese buns!

We went to Bugis, since my cousins were having extra classes there, and my mom wanted to shop with my aunt while she was waiting for the boys. Jas and I went to the IT mall (Sim Lim Square) in search of IT stuff. I very seldom go to Sim Lim because computer parts and stuff aren't exactly my cup of tea, but Jas enjoyed it a lot and seemed like he was totally in his element there. :)

After walking around, visiting Chinese and Hindu temples that were nearby, we headed for lunch at Chin Chin Chicken Rice. I love that place. The chicken is good, and the side dishes are great too. So yummy!! :)

Sri Krishnan Temple

Kuan Im Temple

Luo Han Guo drink and aloe vera drink

sambal kangkong

steamed chicken!

furong egg

hot plate tofu

sweet and sour pork

us at Chin Chin Chicken Rice for lunch

After lunch, we went home, and my dad brought us out for coffee at East Coast Park. His favorite coffee shop is Old Town Kopitiam. We had kaya toast, which is a very traditional Singaporean breakfast/snack food made with kaya (a coconut and egg jam) on buttered toast. Jas also got to try teh tarik, which is a pulled tea. 

kaya toast

orange yoghurt smoothie and teh tarik

After taking a stroll on the beach with my grandmother, parents, Alfred and his girlfriend, as well as cheering on people running the 100km marathon, we went home, where my grandma made Singapore's famous famous chili crabs for dinner. Yum, yum, yum! I love chili crabs!! Crabs in Singapore are from Sri Lanka and are different. They are huge and meaty, and so so so delicious. It's also the first time Jas cracked and peeled and fed himself crabs. 

grandma's chili crabs

grandma's gingered fried chicken

stir-fried veggies

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