Friday, August 12, 2011

110626 Day 11: Grandma's House

Had breakfast of beef rendang and roti prata, made by my grandma, for breakfast. Yummy!

yummy multi-grain loaf from Barcook Bakery

roti prata


After breakfast, we went to my maternal grandma's house. She made popiah for lunch. Popiah is more like a DIY springroll, which is similar to making your own burrito - some what! My maternal grandma is a great cook, and everything she makes is not just delicious, but it is probably the best in the country. Popiah fillings include lettuce, prawns, chinese sausage, shredded eggs, bean sprouts and a filling of mostly stewed radish and carrots. It also has peanuts and sweet sauce in it, and sometimes we substitute prawn paste for it too.

popiah fillings and sauces

Jas and I making our own popiahs

finished product... om nom nom nom!!

All afternoon, we played games with my cousins and only ended at 9pm, even eating dinner while playing games! For dinner, my grandmother made fried rice. Simple, yet so yummy! Also, since all my cousins and uncles and aunties were around, there had to be tons of food to feed everyone. Here's one wok of fried rice. My grandma fried two woks of rice to go around! There's so much goodies in the fried rice. She just puts whatever she has in the fridge in it and everytime its a different combination of ingredients, yet it tastes so good whatever she does!

one big wok of rice

one plate with ketchup and crispy pork floss! 

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