Friday, August 12, 2011

110628 Day 13: Southern Ridges Trail

Breakfast! My grandma made fried noodles and we also had Hami melon (a cousin of the cantaloupe). Also, it was chili day, the day where my grandma makes a ton of chili. :) Chili here is not like chili in the US. Chili here is spicy (quite spicy)! Some ingredients include chili, dried chili, ginger, tumeric, yellow ginger, onions, nuts, garlic, lemongrass and some other stuff. Everything is cleaned, chopped, then blended. Then, it's all cooked so that the flavors all blend. Then, its bottled and ready for use.

Fried noodles

hami melon

some ingredients for chili

chili is cooking...

Headed to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for lunch. Finally finally had my fresh fruit juice. Our concoctions were mango and carrot, and strawberry and soursop. Yummy!

minced pork noodles :)

char kuay - as always! :)

After lunch, we headed to the Southern Ridges trail with Peiying. Yes, the entire Southern Ridges trail. Yes, all 9km of it! :) We started at NUS, walked to Kent Ridge Park, then to Hort Park, then to the Anderson Arch, then the Forest Walk (Treetop Walk), then to Henderson Waves and later Mount Faber and Marang Trail, before ending in Harborfront MRT! 4+ hours of just walking and more walking... :)

at Kent Ridge Park

at canopy walk (Kent Ridge Park)

at Hort Park

at Hort Park

Alexandra Arch (its a bridge connecting two parks)

on Alexandra Arch

on Alexandra Arch

Jas and PP on the treetop walk

feet... everyone imitates me awesome weird feet! (and we look all the way down!)

at Henderson Waves

Jas is taking a break

aerial view of Singapore - pretty built up, I'd say

at Mount Faber

in a cable car at Mount Faber

The Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Cable Cars to Sentosa, from Mount Faber

We did it! Victory photograph - Southern Ridges 2011 (also, good job with not getting the bag in the picture!)

After our huge walk, we met up with my dorm friends (the yellow shirts gang) at PlayNation for dinner and board games. PlayNation is one of many board game cafes on the island where people can play and eat at the same time. A package of 4 hours of gameplay with free flow of drinks cost $6, and dinner can be included for another $6.50. We played Power Grid, a game we recently ordered, and it was a good and fun game. We also celebrated Lining's birthday (belated) and it was fun. Jas had a good time talking to the staff and comparing board games too. Looks like we'll be getting a few more games from their collection. :)

Lining's belated birthday

Jas' welcome and Emy's return

Everyone: Jas, Emy, Chipmunk, Lining, Sopphia and ET

Eusoff Hall E4 Girls! :) 

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