Friday, August 12, 2011

110629 Day 14: City Hall, Transformers

Breakfast - rice dumplings, one by my dad's mom, another by my mom's mom. Ah, grandmothers are nice... :)

rice dumplings!

We were meeting my friend Kathleen for lunch in City Hall, and so we left the house early to walk around the area a little. First, we went to St Andrew's Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral, and also Singapore's largest cathedral. The cathedral is built in a neo-gothic style, and like everything else in Singapore, was built by indian workers.

St Andrews Cathedral

Stained glass windows


We took a walk inside the cathedral and then in its surrounding grounds. Its interesting to see how different the main cathedral building and its new extension are. The new extension is minimalist and modern in style.

Across St Andrew's Cathedral is the Adelphi, a shopping mall that sells audio systems almost exclusively. We took a walk around and window-shopped a little, before heading across the street to Funan, a shopping mall that sells computer systems almost exclusively. These two malls, and Sim Lim Square (another computer mall), are Jas' favorite malls in Singapore because they sell things that he likes, instead of just clothes and more food.

Yakun Kaya Toast for snack!!

We met Kath for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in the basement of Raffles City. I had mongolian beef stirfry and Jas had tonkatsu, which seems to be his favorite Japanese dish so far. In this restaurant, they served everything on hot plates, so we had to cook everything ourselves, which was really fun. It was good catching up with Kath. She recently got married and is expecting a baby in October. I don't know when and how all my friends are either getting married or getting engaged, but its sad to see my girls leave the single girls club. *awwww* :( Next time, there will be lots of husbands and children to meet, when I meet with my girlfriends.

salad with sesame dressing

mongolian beef hot plate

Jas' tonkatsu hotplate

yuzu tea

After lunch, we headed to VivoCity, once Singapore's largest mall, to watch Transformers 3 on opening day. My mom's boss got tickets for us! I will not ruin the movie for others who have yet to watch it. :)

We went back home for dinner. It was a spread! I love eating at home! Eat at home > Eat hawker food > Eat at restaurants~ Typical Singaporean!

sweet and sour fish

herbal chicken

stirfried hairy gourd

stirfried long beans

golden shrimp

steamed egg with carrots

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