Monday, August 15, 2011

110701 Day 16: Lunch, then chalet!

We met up with K and PP for lunch at Taste Paradise, which is in Ion @ Orchard, one of Singapore's newest and biggest shopping malls. It has 4 storeys of underground shopping and eating in the basement, and the upper level shops are all branded goods.

Taste Paradise is a dim sum restaurant that serves good dim sum, for a price.Unfortunately, we don't have pictures from this meal, but we had all sorts of dim sum dishes.

After Taste Paradise, we headed to Starbucks to chat and have coffee and some desserts. I still cannot believe how tasteless and expensive Starbucks coffee is. I did not have coffee, but Jason and I shared a 'Sunrise', which is blended orange juice and yoghurt with some vanilla flavoring. I remembered 'Sunrise' to be a great drink before, but instead of using real orange juice (like years before), they used orange flavoring, which tastes artificial and gross. For about $7 a cup, I can't even get real juice? This is exactly why I don't understand why people go to Starbucks.

In the evening, we headed to the chalet that my uncle had booked for Grandpa's birthday. This year, we booked two bungalow units, both seafront.

living room

one of two bedrooms

After waiting for the entire family (maternal side) to arrive, we all went for supper at Changi Village. Again, a ton of food to follow.

sea hum (cockles)

hokkien mee

bbq chicken wings

mee goreng (Indian fried noodles)

sambal bbq stingray

fried carrot cake

char kuay teow (Chinese stir-fried flat rice noodles)

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