Monday, August 15, 2011

110702 Day 17: Rehearsal, Grandpa's birthday

Woke up the next day in Changi and right next to the beach. It's amazing how different it feels when you wake up and have sea breeze and waves splashing right next to you. Somehow, its like waking up in Halong Bay in Vietnam, on top of a junk (boat) in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I had to wake up early and head to rehearsals for my piece There is a Painted Bus that was going to be performed by the Singapore Lyric Opera Childrens' Choir. I hitched a ride with Uncle Mak, who was sending Kelionel (my cousin) to class in the same area.

The rehearsal went really well, and I got to listen to the other commissioned works too. There is something about a child's voice that is just so innocent and almost impossible to mimic, which is probably why I enjoy the boys' choir moments in Bach's St Matthew's Passion.

We returned back to the chalet and had lunch of char siew rice and chwee kueh before all the aunties and uncles came and we started the preparation for food for Grandpa's birthday party that night. From here on, the pictures are self-explanatory.

the chalet


L-R: Me, Jas, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunty May and Uncle Mike

Shermin (Ivan's girlfriend), Jiahui (Alfred's girlfriend) and I doing some grillwork

Mom and the food

kids playing games

garlic herb portabello mushrooms for the grill (my contribution to the bbq)

squid, for bbq

prawns, for bbq

cheese hot dogs, for bbq

fish, for bbq

bacon-wrapped asparagus and enoki mushrooms, for bbq

otah (banana leaf wrapped fish paste), for bbq

grandma's famous pork, for bbq

beef satay, already bbqed

chicken satay, already bbqed

nori-wrapped chicken and fish nuggets

ngo hiam (Chinese meatballs)

claypot mixed veggies

nasi briyani (Indian tumeric rice)

Spring Rolls

mutton rendang (Indian curry)

a lot of stir-fried noodles

braised beancurd rolls

assam prawns

Indian potato curry

Chinese-style chicken curry

salmon sashimi (one of three plates of these, and yes, my family loves sashimi)

I know this is a lot of food, but trust me, I didn't even get to photographing every single dish that was out. There's so much more I missed. Yes, food is a big thing in my family. Food is also a huge thing in Singapore.

people start attacking the food!

more food - potato salad and coleslaw (a ton of it!)

guests enjoying their food

the indoor buffet line

the bbq buffet line

Jiahui, Alfred, Dad, Uncle Mike and Jas

Grandpa, Terence, Melvin, Aunty May, Aunty Ping and Uncle Shaowei

Grandpa Birthday Boy and Grandma

All grandchildren (my cousins) [and SOs]

All children (my parents' generation) and spouses

lighting grandpa's birthday cake

Birthday Boy is cutting cake!

I'm so glad my grandpa's birthday is in the summer. It'd be terrible if I miss the biggest party of the year every year because I'm overseas. Its also great to have the family together and tons of food. Till next year!

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