Monday, August 15, 2011

110703 Day 18: Steamboat!

Its Sunday, and the first full day I had at the chalet. We were going to wake up early to catch the sunrise on the beach since Changi is at the eastern-most part of Singapore (best sunrises), but obviously didn't wake up in time. Since we were late waking up, we also missed the low-tide picking of shells and clams, which would have been a ton of fun.

Upon waking up, we had breakfast, then went about exploring Changi. Uncle Mike brought back some custard apples from Malaysia the day before and Jas got to try another new fruit.

custard apples

Cheryl, Terence, Jas and I rented bicycles and cycled the entirety of Changi beach (could have taken the park connector to East Coast Park, but were lazy). Jas and I got double bikes (or they call it tandem bikes in North America) and it was incredibly difficult to balance, but we made it out okay. After cycling, we also swam in the sea.


Changi beach

Changi jetty

Jas, Terence and Cheryl

After coming back to the chalet and taking a bath, it is dinner time! :) We were having steamboat (they call it hot pot in North America) and there was again, a lot of food. There were a couple of pots on a long table, and it was a tight squeeze because we had about 25 or so people, but the more the merrier. For steamboat, we usually have different kinds of veggies, different types of meatballs, some fish and assorted other meats.

table, all set up!

nice pic, by Jas

food to feed an army!

everyone is enjoying their food

Cheryl to my right, Kelionel to Jas' left

Steamboat for everyone!

After dinner, we took family pictures with the entire maternal side of the family. Its a large family, so here goes!

Generation 1: my grandparents

Jas and I with my grandparents

Grandparents with mom and 4 kids + Jas (my dad didn't come that day)

Grandparents with Uncle Mak, Ee Ee and kids

Grandparents with Uncle Michael, Aunty May and kids

Grandparents with Uncle Ronnie and kids

Grandparents with their 4 kids

Grandparents with all grandchildren

Everyone! My big, fun family!

After pictures, we celebrated Terence and Edmund's birthdays. Yes, more birthdays! :) The peppermint cake was delicious - I love mint anything!

Younger Birthday boys! :)

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