Wednesday, August 17, 2011

110706 Day 21: Day 1 in BKK

Early morning, we left Singapore for Bangkok, Thailand! We're staying at Aetas Hotel (bunking in with my uncle who is here for work - save on hostel fees!) which is in the heart of town and between the shopping and business districts. Thanks Uncle Mak! :)

inside Changi Airport T2

Jas is sleeping... I put a candy in!

Singapore from the skies

ships all around Singapore

Singapore Airlines plane food

hotel room

the bathroom looks out into the room

view from our 21st floor room

We walked to Erawan Shrine, home to the four-faced buddha. There, I made offerings to bless my family and the world (for world peace - yes, I did sincerely wish for world peace even though I know it is a difficult wish to fulfill). There were traditional Thai musicians and dancers for hire. People paid x amount of baht for y number of dancers to dance for the Gods, when their wishes came true. Erawan Shrine seems to be a very holy place. When the train passes by Erawan Shrine, people in the train turn to the direction of the shrine and bow.

Erawan Shrine - four faced Buddha

people praying and making offerings

golden elephants

flower offerings

dancers and musicians

Then, Uncle Mak went to meet his friends and we spent the late afternoon walking around MBK Center (a huge mall that has everything). Jas got clothes and we got food, before heading back to the hotel for a good swim in the hotel's swimming pool.

one of my fav snacks in MBK

people making these little waffle things

curry chicken rice

oyster ommelette

Mahboonkrong Center

Bangkok traffic jams

many motorcycles

After the swim, Uncle Mak bought us supper of fried rice and pad thai - our first real Thai meal! :)

swimming pool!

fried rice & pad thai

mango sticky rice!

All in all, a very lazy first day. Tomorrow, we'll be seeing the sights!~

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