Friday, August 12, 2011

110708 Day 21: Bangkok

We decided to take a more relaxing approach to the heat in Thailand, and spent the morning just having breakfast and then chillin' at the pool again. :)

hotel breakfast

more hotel breakfast

chillin' by the pool

At around lunch time, we took the BTS (Bangkok's subway) to MBS, and met our friend Wasin for lunch. Wasin is also from Peabody, and recently graduated with his masters in piano performance degree, and will be back at Peabody for his GPD next semester. 

BTS (BKK's metro) ticket

BTS Station Phloen Chit

Wasin took us to a Thai restaurant, where we tried some southern Thai dishes for the first time. We left the ordering of the dishes to Wasin, and here's what we got. The southern Thai dishes are much more spicy than the usual fried rice and pad thais that we're used to, and my mouth was just burning. Jas was completely fine. I guess he has a much higher tolerance to spice than I have. I'm such a bad Asian!

sour and spicy noodle salad

grilled pork salad

pork fried rice

pad thai

Wasin also took us to Swensens for dessert. Although not a traditionally Thai place, Swensens in Thailand is about a third to half the price of Swensens in Singapore. The little ice cream sundae below costs only $2! :)

ice cream at Swensens

After lunch, Wasin had to go back to his job - taking photographs for commencement - at Chula University, the most prestigious university in Thailand. Wasin also runs a photography business in Baltimore when he is there, and was the one who took my pictures on my website.

After Wasin left, we walked around and bought some snacks and food, before heading back to the hotel again. We are such terrible tourists, always heading back to the hotel. Actually, Bangkok might not have been the best choice for us since we're not really shoppers, and Bangkok is a shoppers paradise. Anyhow, lazing around in the hotel pool is also fun, and that was exactly what we did! We even brought home dinner to have after swimming.

seafood fried rice (dinner)

Jas' chicken rice - all robed up and nomming!

A couple of hours later, Uncle Mak came back with a lot of food for supper! Yum yum yummy! :) There was a huge spread for the three of us. The tom yum soup was delicious - I usually don't like tom yum but this one was slightly thicker and very fragrant. I also liked the papaya salad very much. Papaya salad is made from unripe papayas and tossed in the unique thai sauce and peanuts. Very refreshing! Thanks Uncle Mak for supper!!

supper!! - such a spread...

oyster egg

fried vermicelli

sambal kangkong

tom yum soup

chicken wings

pad see ew

papaya salad

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