Friday, August 12, 2011

110709 Day 22: Bangkok

Day 4, one last day in BKK. We woke up, and Uncle Mak was already gone! We are such pigs, and slept in, even though we wanted to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ Market) early. In the end, we reached JJ only at 10am!

thailand's infamous wirings

park near JJ market

clock tower in the park

food stalls setting up at JJ

JJ market is a famous weekend market in Bangkok. It is where locals and tourists all come to buy stuff because it is cheap, and also has everything. Of course, cheap for locals isn't cheap for tourists, and of course, there will be a price for Thai people, and a different set of pricing for the non-Thai folk like us. JJ market is similar to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, just with more stuff and slightly dirtier. There are many small stalls (thousands, no kidding!) and the market is divided into different sections. Of course, I never know what section I'm in and just wander around aimlessly hoping to find something fun.

inside JJ market

Apart from the usual clothes, food, tourist souvenirs, furniture, electronics, handicraft etc. there were pets on sale. We found ourselves in the fishes section for the longest time, and that brought us to another place that sold puppies, and other weird and exotic animals like turkeys, chickens, owls, iguanas and all sorts of strange pets. Eventually, we got lost, and had to backtrack to find our way back.


all sorts of household pets


We also stopped for lunch at JJ market, ending up at one of those little stalls that had food. We picked one that looked nice and had lots of people, and here's what we ended up getting. As much as JJ market is supposed to be cheap, this meal was the most expensive one we had in Thailand - the irony!

chicken chop

rice noodle

spicy minced pork

papaya salad with shrimp

After lunch, we made a fast dash back to the BTS station to make it back to the hotel at 2pm. We did indeed make it to the hotel front desk at 2pm sharp, and told them to give us a few minutes to pack up and check out. Turns out, you didn't actually have to check out at 2pm sharp. Some people checked out at 2.20pm and still were okay, and had no extra charges! Also, Uncle Mak left us notes and mango glutinous rice dessert - yummy!

at the hotel, checking out...

mango and glutinous rice dessert

We checked out, waited for Uncle Mak to get back, then hopped on a taxi to the airport. It costs so much less on a taxi back to the airport than from the airport! Goodbye Thailand!!

at the airport

at the airport

symmetry! inside the airport...

last meal in Thailand (Uncle Mak bought it for us!)

basil pork and veggies - so yummy!

chicken and mashed potatoes with veggies

grandma's cheesecake with jello - have to learn this, its so delicious!

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