Wednesday, August 17, 2011

110813 Ogunquit, Maine

On Saturday morning, Caleb (Jas' dad), Ricki (Jas' mom), Becca (Jas' sister), Danny (Becca's husband), Jas and I set off from Lexington MA, heading for the beach at Ogunquit ME. It's August and summer is coming to a close here in this part of the world, and people do take their summer beaches very seriously! Coming from Singapore where it is summer all year round, and the beach is just 10mins walk from home, we hardly saw going to the beach as a huge thing. I guess, if you include a BBQ at the beach (ie. add food to the equation), then things would be very much different.

An hour and a half later from Lexington, we arrived in Ogunquit. Ogunquit is a summer beach town. There were many inns, bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels, but I wasn't sure many people lived in Ogunquit. When we got there, we tried looking for parking, but it seemed that everywhere was full (told you people took their beaches very seriously!) In the end, we found some parking for a steal ($12 entry, instead of $25 at the beach), and walked down Marginal Way heading for the beach.

The walk was about 1.5 miles, and took about 30 minutes. I found out that Maine was mostly rocks, and although it had a lot of coastline, most of it were rocks and there were very few beaches.

Oarweed Cove
Perkins Cove (and all the summer accommodations on the beach)
Along Marginal Way, there were some smaller rocky shores where people had also set up their beach umbrellas, chairs and towels. I guess some people enjoy being away from the crowds at the beach, or are just too lazy to make that mile and a half hike there.

rocky shores along Ogunquit river
When we finally got to the beach, it was packed! Beach umbrellas were everywhere, beach towels covered the entire sandy part of the beach, people had their boobs, fats and butts all hanging out, and were basically just everywhere. I've seen this in photographs before, but never in my life have I seen a more crowded beach. In Singapore, we'd be lucky to find five people at the beach, here, it seemed like the entire Ogunquit was at the beach, and the entire Ogunquit probably was.

people at the beach
people, people, everywhere!
Of course, at a beach, one must do all the beach-y stuff like swim, play frisbee and get sun burnt. Yes, we did all of that. Swimming in the Atlantic ocean though, was cold. It was around 60F, or 15 degrees. How very very different from in Singapore where the waters could be hotter that the air temperature itself. Also the beach had one bathroom for the entire stretch, and it did not have showers! People could shower at one of two showers outside the bath house, meaning you cannot take a shower with soap, nakedness or privacy until you got home.

On the beach, people made all sorts of sand sculptures. I say sand sculptures, because some were huge!

sea dragon
people actually used shovels to make this!
New England Patriots

Not long later, it was low tide, and there was a lot more beach than sea. People were riding the tides out, and others, like us, were packing up to go home.

low tide
the beach at low tide
more low tide happenings
look how far people can walk to!
the 'almost' gone sea
At low tide, we found many interesting sea creatures! We found snails, crabs, fish, and even starfishes!

do you see a starfish and a crab?
On our way back, I got to see more beautiful summer houses. I'm sure these beach front accommodations must be booked at least a year in advance since beach season is such a popular season.

beautiful flowers
seafront accomodations
After walking back using Marginal Way again, we stopped at Oarweed Restaurant, at Oarweed Cove. We had a table outside and it looked over the cove. It was particularly beautiful when the moon came up, and it reflected on the body of water. Just beautiful!

At Oarweed, I had the lobster dinner, which seafood chowder, a whole lobster and homemade dessert. Actually, everyone, including Jas (but excluding Becca, because she is vegetarian) had their own lobster. Oh, the lobster is such a beautiful creature, not to mention being incredibly delicious too! This must be the best meal I've had in this country yet. Yummy! Thanks to Caleb and Ricki for the meal, it was so delicious!

seafood chowder - haddock, clams, shrimp
steamed clams, dipped in butter - yummy!
my lobster!

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