Monday, August 29, 2011

Freezing Basil

So, its was 'hurricane weekend', affectionately called so because hurricane Irene was supposed to visit us - NOT! But since everyone thought that the hurricane was coming, I guessed the farmers decided to pull out their basil plants early, and sell it for cheap. At the Saturday farmer's market, we bought a basil plant for $2. Ridiculously cheap considering how huge the plant was, and how basil is rather expensive at the supermarket ($2.69 for maybe 10 leaves).

a lot of basil, for $2
What should I do with this much basil, and what do I do with the extras? In the end, I just made basil ice cubes. Freezing basil on its own makes the leaf turn black, and lose its flavor profile. Freezing it in water keeps the flavors of basil, but unfortunately not the texture of the leaf. However, I usually use basil in pasta and cook it down anyway, so the texture is not important.

We tore all the leaves into the ice cube tray and filled it with water. When it froze, we took out the basil ice cubes and stored it. When you need some basil, just take one out and defrost it. The water melts away and all that is left is just basil. Genius, right?

basil ice cubes

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