Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garlic Herbed Mash Potatoes

Mash potatoes, one of America's favorite sides. There are so many ways to do it, with so many different potatoes too. Some like it creamy, other like it fluffy. Some like some skin in it, others don't. And, some swear by having it with gravy, but personally I don't need gravy. Mashed potatoes - you can never go wrong with it!

Yukon Gold potatoes are best for mashing. Russet potatoes can be mashed too, but because they have a higher starch content, they absorb more moisture and tend to be mealy. Yukon Golds also look great because they are so yellow, they pop out on the plate.

Garlic Herbed Mashed Potatoes


5 Yukon Gold potatoes
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup milk (adjust to personal preference)
1 teaspoon salt (adjust to personal preference)
1 teaspoon black pepper (adjust to personal preference)
2 tablespoon butter (I used unsalted buter)
2 teaspoon parsley flakes (adjust to personal preference)


Cut potatoes into slices approximately 1" thick. Cut each clove of garlic into two or three.  Boil slices of potato and garlic until soft. Drain.

After boiling, peel the potatoes and put into a large bowl. Add boiled garlic, milk and butter. Mash potatoes and garlic with a potato masher until the potatoes have a smooth consistency. Add salt, black pepper and parsley flakes to taste.

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