Saturday, October 1, 2011

110930 Cape Cod Day1

We got to Cape Cod at about 3pm today and settled into our little motel - America's Best Value Inn and Suites. I booked it only two days ago for less than $70 a night, which was the cheapest good-rated motel that was in the area. The motel's location is great, smacked on the edge of Main Street, for easy access to restaurants and shops, and yet not in the middle of it all to be overbearing. 

After checking in, we took a slow 1.5 mile walk toward Kalmus Beach, while stopping along the way for pictures and other sight-seeing. We first passed by Hyannis Harbor, where the ferries going to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard set sail from. We decided not to go to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard because it seems like these places are for people with too much money to burn (oh come on, President Obama goes there for holidays... how would we ever fit in with such a crowd?) Also, tickets to Nantucket costs about $70 and Martha's Vineyard costs about $40. I'd eat at least two or three lobsters with that money, thank you.

Michael Aselton Memorial at Hyannis Harbor

View of Hyannis Harbor
Boats at Hyannis Harbor - I absolutely love this picture!
at Hyannis Harbor
Down at the other end of Hyannis Harbor are houses right at the harbor, which is a very common sight here in Cape Cod.

beautiful shot - I love it!
Walking past Hyannis Harbor on Ocean Street, we saw many large houses on the water. Many of them have their own paddleboats, jetskis and other water transportation. It is amazing how just an hour and a half away, the level of decadence you get here in Cape Cod is quadrupled.

a beautiful house on the water

We eventually reached the JFK Memorial, which is also by the water. For many who don't know, JFK was from Cape Cod, and there are many memorials here for him such as the one below and a JFK Museum. The memorial below was donated by the people of Barnstable (a town on the Cape).

JFK Memorial

Right next to the JFK Memorial was the Korean War Memorial. It seems like the Korean War, being stuck in between WW2 and the Vietnam War, was somewhat a 'forgotten' war. People don't talk about it much or remember it.

Korean War Memorial

closer look at the Korean War Memorial

Apparently a rock is a good gift to give for international friendship.

Right by the Korean War Memorial was a small little wooded area with many picnic tables and bbq pits. It was obviously deserted when we were there since it is the 'off season'. (I don't know how 72F weather and tons of sunshine makes it the 'off season', but I'm glad it is because there is no one there, and hotels are so much cheaper now than 1 month ago.)

wooded BBQ area
Right behind the BBQ area was the beach! And since the yacht club was just next to it, there were yachts everywhere. Actually, there are literally yachts everywhere in Cape Cod. This place is just screaming affluence!

the beach with tons of yachts on the water

The beach - there are houses on the beach, yes...

There are yachts in the water...

and there are shadows in the sand...

carcasses of sea crustaceans in the sand...

here's a huge one - yes, that's my shoe!

Us at Kalmus Beach

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