Thursday, October 27, 2011

111001 Cape Cod Day 2

We woke up and ate ate the motel's breakfast bar. Its not a breakfast bar like you'd think in a hotel, but it did have the basics - toast, (watered down) juice, milk, and that's about it. So much for $70/night motels, but at least it did include breakfast and has free wifi.

After that, we drove up the the Wellfleet area and visited the Cape Cod National Seashore visitors center. Not much there, but we did do the marsh trail, and figured there wasn't that much to see there.

walking through the marsh

on the trail

Then we drove to Provincetown. Provicetown is at the tip of Cape Cod. Its just a weird little protruding land mass off the mainland. It took us about one hour just to drive from Wellfleet to Provincetown.

absolute nothingness surrounding us

We drove to the visitor's center, where there was a lookout to the Atlantic Ocean and some information about Provincetown, and some binoculars. Some very out-of-focus binoculars.

at the Visitor's Center

Then, we drove to Herring Cove beach. It is the most popular beach in Provincetown. Its off-season, so there weren't many people there. The sand was so white and sandy, and the water was just very cold Atlantic waters. It was a beautiful place!

Herring Cove beach

some lalang on the beach (apparently deer ticks live there)

We left Herring Cove beach, and just kept driving. We found a beautiful rock wall that leads to the other end of Provincetown that was the very very very tip of the cove. This rock wall was the only way to get there. We walked about one third of the way, and then turned around because it was rather long. We figured that we'll walk this thing and reach the very tip some other time, next time.

beautiful skies and marshes

rock wall leading to the tip of Provincetown

us on the rock wall

Finally, we left Provincetown and drove back down to Eastham, where we played mini golf (yes, we've been playing quite a few games of mini golf lately) and had dinner. We went to Arnold's Restaurant, which incidentally had a lobster bar, clam shack and a 18-hole mini golf course.

Jas & I playing mini golf 

Arnold's mini golf course

Jas being a goof
We had dinner at Arnold's. We ordered a lobster roll ($15.99!!), fried chicken ($8.99) and their famous onion rings ($4.50). The onion rings were so so so good! The lobster roll was quite a disappointment. It was small, and super super oily and soggy. Did not eat the bun at all! The worst part was that it was the most expensive part of the meal. The fried chicken was very good too, and it should have been called a chicken shack instead of a lobster bar.

dinner - lobster roll, fried chicken, fries and onion rings

Back to the motel. We swam in the quote: "largest indoor pool" in Hyannis. It was great. Chopin's Piano Concerto No.2 was on the radio. I've never swam with classical music before. It was very relaxing. I have to do that again!

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