Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shindig 2011 Menu!

So my brother and his girlfriend and their friends just got to town last night. Jas and I are throwing some party amidst the holiday season in their honor. It is not a Christmas party because neither of us are Christian, and it is not a Hanukkah party, because between us, we are only 1/4 Jew (if even). We're calling it Shindig, and this is the first of many Shindigs to come (hopefully).

If you've received an invitation, well good for you (and your tummy). If you haven't, it doesn't mean we don't love you. It probably means that it is not feasible for you to come (if you're in Singapore or somewhere), or that we just don't have the space in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment to host another group of friends.

I have for weeks (no kidding here) tried to tweak up a good Singaporean-ish (or at least Asian-ish) and vegetarian-friendly menu, and I think I have it right in the bag. Here it is, and recipes will come later.

Shindig 2011 Menu!

pickled radish, carrot and tamago sushi
cardamom sugar popcorn
vegetable korokke (croquette)

asian-inspired turkey
chicken satay
sayur lodeh (vegetable curry)
stir-fried beehoon (vermicelli)
sesame miso mashed potatoes

assorted nonya kueh (cake dumplings)
rainbow cake

apple cider

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