Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Water Dragon 2012!

Yeah, these are our non-matching (I had to specifically specify, because everyone thinks we bought the same sweater, but we're just not that type of couple) red fleece jacket/pullover. Everyone we skyped thought it was really funny, so we decided to take a bunch of random funnier photos as our new year greeting. I've never thought of doing photo greetings before, but if it makes people smile or laugh, why not?

Anyway, Happy New Year! 新年快樂 and 恭喜发财! Thanks for all the greetings. I could possibly go on and with the four-word greetings, but I'm just going to stop here (since those will take some looking up.)

Also, do check out my other Chinese New Year recipes and posts:
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P.S. Today, I realized that many Asian-Americans and Asians in America don't celebrate the new year or know what to do in return to a new year greeting. I'm a little disappointed by the abandonment of our 5000 years of culture, traditions and history. To that, I say...

... because I am Asian and I'm proud of my heritage.

I am no longer a ball.

[Back story: In my freshmen year of college, one of my professors called me 'ball ball' partly because I skipped around campus (no kidding) and because he/she felt that I had absolutely no idea about my cultural heritage, thus having 'no-strings-attached' like a ball.]

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