Sunday, March 11, 2012

Herbed Baked Salmon

Salmon, salmon, salmon, salmon, I LOVE SALMON! 

Unfortunately, I can't afford to eat it every day, so when we get salmon, it is a very special day. Ideally, my salmon is fresh and raw salmon belly, but I will eat it cooked, and I will eat other parts of the salmon too. I also like farm-raised salmon more than wild caught salmon, because I like the taste of the salmon fat (isn't that where the Omega-3 is?) and wild caught salmon doesn't have that much fat. Also, I'm very concerned about the sustainability of the fish we eat, and so I prefer to eat farm-raised fish rather than wild caught because I feel it is more sustainable that way. (Yes, I know this is a highly debatable topic.) I also like salmon steaks (see below) more than salmon filet because the bone really keeps the fish moist and juicy. I also tend not to dress the fish up too much because I like the smell and taste of fish. Keep it simple, stupid! :)

So here you go, a tasty and simple salmon recipe. Also, follow the timings for perfectly cooked fish. I really hate overcooked fish, so this one is definitely spot on!

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