Thursday, March 15, 2012

[moved] Roti John (Omelette Baguette)

Roti John is the Singaporean/Malaysian version of French Toast. It is basically an omelette on a sandwich, popular for breakfast or suppers, or anytime. [Yeah, there is a tiny difference between breakfast and dinner foods, and the difference is mostly about the size of the portion, hence lighter meals like breakfast and supper usually share the same foods - like char kuay (fried carrot cake!)]

Anyway, the name Roti John came about because roti is bread in Hindi, Malay and Urdu. A bread-seller was selling a Caucasian tourist a special omelette sandwich, and used the name "John" as it was a generic name for Westerners. 

I used minced chicken in my roti john, but it can be made with any type of minced meat. I usually like minced beef, lamb and also chopped ham. :)

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