Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Sesame Chicken Chop

This is probably my last post from Singapore, thereby starting my 9-city dash (in one month). UAE, Scandinavia and the Baltics, here I come!

My grandmother bought a HappyCall double-sided pan at a roadshow for almost $80. The HappyCall pan is a doublesided pan from Korea. It is really an unnecessary invention and given the choice, I would have never bought it (are you kidding me - for $80!?) Firstly, you have to wash both sides of the pan when you're done using it. Secondly, because it is half-steaming when you close the pan, the colors you get aren't as vibrant as when you cook it in a normal pan, and then flipping it. Thirdly, they didn't pay me to write an add. *kidding* All in all, it's an unnecessary thing in the kitchen, and it will just be taking up space. Just get a regular pan, or a cast iron pan - cheaper and less washing!

Anyway, I've invented another chicken chop recipe. Here's the sweet sesame chicken chop. It's so sweet, it's so fragrant, everyone's bound to love it. We had it as one dish in a family-style (Chinese dinner style) meal, but it would definitely work as a main dish with sides.

This recipe (and blog) has moved to wordpress! Visit the post here!


  1. Great recipe. Would you be happy to put up a link to it in my Food on Friday – Asian Food Series.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Yes, please link it! I'm more than happy to share good food!

    2. Great that you linked in. Have a super week.