Friday, November 16, 2012

Homemade Onion and Chives Cream Cheese

I go to a school where the only edible food is from this wonderful bagel place called Einstein and Bros. If you know this bagel and coffee chain, well good for you. Unfortunately for me, I tend to get hungry at almost all times of the day, and especially when I'm utilizing some brain juices. My to-go bagel is an everything bagel (I told you I love everything seasoning) with a smear of onion and chives cream cheese. That thing costs $2.49 at school. Sure, it's not a lot of money to spend on the highly highly overpriced college cafeteria, but it is $2.49 that is not in my budget to spend. Compared to our $1.29 for six (yes SIX) everything bagels we can get at Target, I say it is a rip-off.

And so, I started making my own everything bagel with onion and chives cream cheese. I love it so much, that I eat it about three mornings a week because it is fast and absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I like my cheese whipped, and they don't sell those at my supermarket, and so I had to make my own. I could easily by whipped cream cheese and add the onion and chives on my own, but it would be so much more frugal to just buy regular cream cheese and do it myself, which is what I did.

Guess what? Onion and chives cream cheese for at least a month!

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