About Emy

Emy in Istanbul, Turkey

Hi! I am Emy and I'm a composer of contemporary music, food lover and globe trotter.

I am a Singapore native currently living in the greater Boston area with my boyfriend, food tasting guinea pig and dishwasher - Jason. Besides composing, I also perform on the double bass and electric bass, teach others about music, and work with the Baltimore-based pierrot group, Lunar Ensemble, where I serve as their resident composer.

When I'm not composing or thinking about music, I find joy in whipping up new and good foods in the kitchen. I have been a foodie since forever, and my grandmother calls me tam chiak gui (Teochew for greedy [in the food sense] ghost), while my dad says I "live to eat" rather than eat to live. I often whip up my favorite Singaporean delights because I cannot get these in the US. I also enjoy exploring the food of other cultures, and remaking foods that I've tasted on my travels, hence the very broad scope of this cooking blog.

My work as a composer also takes me to numerous countries and cities. Often, I am attending a performance of my work, presenting my music or attending a music festival. When I'm in a new country, I enjoy seeing and eating new things, as well as meeting new people. One motto I live by is "You'll never know until you try", and hence I make sure I'll try something at least once before turning my back to it. When I travel, I also enjoy architecture, history and cultural heritage.

Between my work, cooking and writing two blogs, I don't have much extra time. However, when I do have the time, I take solace in reading about art in the (especially Florentine) Renaissance, cognitive psychology and existential philosophy. Usually, these reads take place in the bathroom. :)

Some unforgettable meals
- Wooden Salmon Lunchbox meal from Taipei, Taiwan
- Cambodian Fish Curry Soup from Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Pork Knuckle from Munich, Germany
- Steamed Lobsters from Maine, USA
- Steamed Crabs from Baltimore, USA
- Crabs fried with Salted Eggs from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia